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Financial support keeps our school thriving!
Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

Families who meet the criteria for Tuition Assistance can apply to be given up to a 30% award to reduce their children's tuition.

We also would like to help families through a scholarship fund. This would help families who are going though personal difficulties and have already sought the help of their local church. 

Staff Salaries

Heartland has a mission to increase the salaries of our teachers and staff. An increase in staff salaries was a priority communicated to us from our family survey. An increase in salary would help Heartland to maintain, and better equip our current  staff and attract quality new teachers and staff. 


Maintenance and Improvements to our buildings are an important aspect of our students experience at Heartland. We are committed to the upkeep of our campus and to improve the functionality of our buildings and classrooms.


Donations to this fund will improve the buildings and classrooms we currently have and prepare us for unexpected upkeep needs. 

Multipurpose Building/Gym

As Heartland enrollment continues to increase we out grow the buildings we have. Our next priority is to build a multipurpose building which would house our gym and kitchen. This new building would provide us with the opportunity to host programs and plays. 


Volunteers are Valuable 
We value the help you as parents, guardians and grandparents provide around the school! We offer a tuition discount when you volunteer. See all the different areas you can be involved in. 
Fundraising Events
Coupon Book Sales - September
Wreaths and Calendars - October-November
PTO Fundraisers - All Year long
School Activities
Field Trips
Playground Supervisors 
Office Help
Lunch Room

Clubs and Athletics
School Events
Science Fair
Christmas Program
End of School Celebration
School Maintenance
Fall Work Day
Winter Work Day
Spring Work Day
Snow Removal (sidewalks and/or parking lot)
Snow Removal Skating Rink
Substitute Teacher
Substitute Teachers are a vital part of keeping a school operating. Consider becoming a Sub! We do not require a teaching license or degree, instead a LOVE for Jesus! 

Contact the office for more information. 
Community organizations and churches are welcome to contact us!
We love involving our students in community service.
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