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Biblically Based Teaching


All classes will have a biblical foundation rooted in God's word. Bob Jones University curriculum is the standard for our school, making a seamless transition from 8th grade in our students high school career. This curriculum's foundation of a biblical worldview prepares students to meet the challenges they will face in our culture. 

In person classes utilize the strengths of our Heartland Teachers, who offer a commitment to the Covenant philosophy of Christian Education. Discipleship focus allows for our students to continue to grow in their faith, and be well prepared young adults going off to college.  Small class sizes mean your student will not be just a number in the class, but they will experience personal relationships with their teachers and each other. 


Christian Leadership

Our goal is to help and encourage students to develop their personal leadership skills; equipping them for a life of service to their Savior, homes, churches, vocations and communities.  This will be done in a variety of ways including classroom teaching, field trips, service and more.


Great Location

High school students will continue at Heartland campus which is a safe, quiet location in rural northwest Bemidji. Our high school students will continue to maintain the relationships they have developed over their years at Heartland. Heartland has 40 years of ministering to the youth of Bemidji.  


Strong Academic Base


We believe that students need to be well prepared for life on this earth and that includes being prepared for future education options and job opportunities.  Heartland Christian High School follows Minnesota state grad standards while making sure students are prepared for whatever education plans are in their future.  PSEO will be offered for our 11th and 12th grade students who desire to start their college careers. BJU offers a high standard of excellence, so parents can be assured their student academic foundation will be strong.

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