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The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) will support Heartland Christian Academy.  We will provide financial assistance for school needs, assist our teachers, foster a Christian family community, and encourage our students to learn, grow in faith, and take pride in our school.  We will create a fun environment where every member is accepted, loved and valued.  We will walk in a spirit of service, humility and gratitude; giving thanks for everything given to our school.  We will work in harmony with the leadership of Heartland Christian Academy and support their vision and plans for our school. We will endeavor to glorify Christ Jesus in all we do.

Organizational Structure

PTO works in harmony with Heartland leadership, but it is separate from it with its own organizational structure.  We will walk in a spirit of unity and humility, and will seek Principal approval for efforts that impact the or reflect on the school.  

PTO members include all parents who want to participate and volunteer in PTO activities.

Join PTO

email for more information or to get involved

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